COVID-19 Home Care | FITMed24

COVID-19 Home Care

Individuals with mild to moderate infections are generally considered for home care. However, as we have experienced, symptoms can quickly escalate from mild to severe and become life-threatening.  During the mild to moderate stage FITMed24 provides home visits to monitor the improvement or deterioration of the patient’s health condition. In conjunction with the patient’s GP, our nurses are able to provide the recommended treatment required whilst in isolation. The scope of treatment includes: 

  • Vitals monitoring (Blood oxygen level monitoring, blood pressure, pulse rate, glucose, cholesterol)  
  • Laboratory services during treatment phase (On instruction of the patients GP)
  • IV Vitamin treatment (anti inflammatory, energy booster, detox)
  • Hydration and intravenous therapy/treatment if required. 

Other complications which can be treated by the nursing professional under the direction of the patient GP include but are not limited to:   

  • Blood clotting and blood vessel complications
  • Problems with mood and continued fatigue

Note: Should the patient require equipment such as an oxygen generator to maintain the safe required daily oxygen levels, FITMed24 can assist in procuring these machines for their clients.