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Continue your operations with the help of daily medical screening intervention

Many companies are implementing a total “shutout” of outsourced services and visitors to avoid contagions such as COVID -19 being imported into the workplace. This action is affecting their day to day business operations. Unfortunately, companies are not fully aware of protocols that can be implemented to safeguard employees and visitors to ensure continued uninterrupted operations. 
Access Decontamination & Screening Point ServicesA COVID-19 outbreak within your company could lead to mass staff absenteeism and could cause the company to shut down completely. If pre-emptive medical intervention measures are not implemented at access points it could result in possible outbreak and closure of the business. The Department of Labour has developed and issued a COVID-19 guideline dated 17 March 2020(Attached below)FITMed24 mobile unit and nurses are currently in high demand to assist clients with the daily screening of employees for possible viral and respiratory infection symptom identification. Our nurses are trained to conduct physiological examinations on employees and visitors before entering the workplace to ensure they present no symptoms of viral infection and are decontaminated before entering the site. These daily physiological examinations conducted by the nurse before employees enter the workplace are the best and most effective way to safeguard the integrity of the workforce.
Providing safe and secure onsite medicals
In-office protocol – Should FITMed24 conduct medicals within a dedicated office provided by the client, decontamination will be conducted by the FITMed24 team before medicals proceed. Note the FITMed24 team arrives pre- decontaminated before entering your premises. 
Mobile unit protocol – FITMed’s mobile unit is decontaminated before to arrival on-site. When on-site the mobile unit is fogged with antibacterial spray (99.9%) every hour to eliminate all airborne microbes and to maintain a sterile zone whilst employees undergo their medicals. 

Herewith is a link to Department of Employment and Labour unveil guidelines to deal with COVID-19 at workplaces

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