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Mobile Medical Clinics for Your Workforce

If the thought of arranging company medicals is daunting for you, rest assured that you feel much the same as thousands of other South African business owners and managers. Not only are medicals a schlep to arrange, but they can also cost a lot. With this in mind, FITMed24 has challenged the industry to step up its game by offering mobile medical clinics that carry out medical assessments affordable prices. Get a quote today by making contact with us either

This particular service brings both convenience and affordability to companies that cannot afford the downtime that follows transporting staff members to medical facilities to have their assessments. It is also ideal for those who cannot afford to have their own in-house medical clinic (which is not an affordable option for South African businesses).

One of the things that you should check when comparing the services and rates of mobile medical clinics is their credentials. It’s best for professional nurses and qualified medical professionals to handle the tests, assessments, and reports, if you want a thorough and true reflection of the health of your workforce. Cutting corners will only cost your company in the long run. At FITMed24, we only employ professional and qualified occupational doctors, general practitioners, and registered nurses. All of our healthcare professionals are registered with the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa), the SASOHN (South African Society of Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners), and the SANC (South African Nursing Council).

With more than 20 years of experience in the health sector, we have absolute confidence that our mobile medical clinics are more than equipped to carry out your medical assessments effectively. We have supplied mobile medical clinics to a variety of industries, including construction, mining, fuel, gas, and even chemical manufacturing.

The health of your workforce should be your number one priority for your business. After all, your employees are the future and current driving force behind your business’s success. If you currently work with another medical service provider, we challenge you to compare our service to theirs. We offer a scale payment system where the more medicals you do per year, the cheaper your rate will become. We offer free accredited health and safety training, including firefighting, first aid, and SHE representative training for our Blue Chip customers who sign up for our services with our product “GENESIS”.. We also offer our clients free HIV testing with every mobile medical clinic that we host. That’s not all though. Our mobile medical clinics will not disrupt your workflow unnecessarily, and we guarantee a quality, ethical, and thorough service each and every time.

For more information about our mobile medical clinics, give us a call or send us an email today.

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