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Responsible Person Crisis Management Training Certificate

With the development of the “Responsible Person Crisis Management Training Certificate,” it gives businesses and their employees to deal with the COVID-19 virus in the workplace. Our employees are the first and last point of contact when entering and exiting a facility. These officers are most vulnerable to contracting viruses through people they come into contact with on a daily basis.
The Department of labour has appealed to employers who have not prepared for pandemic events to prepare themselves and their workers as far in advance as possible of potentially worsening COVID -19 outbreak conditions. The Department advises employers to “go back to basics” by conducting a hazard identification and risk assessments to determine the level of risk exposure and communicate these steps to all workers. 
FITMed24 will be running a workshop for security officers responsible for the roll-out of COVID-19 protocols for their organizations

The Responsible Person Crisis Management Training Certificate course content covered is as follows: 

  1. Understanding Coronaviruses
  2. What is known about the Coronavirus
  3. Origins of the virus
  4. Transmission of respiratory diseases in the workplace 
  5. Who is most affected?
  6. Symptoms of the virus to look out for 
  7. Infection gateways
  8. Making the workplace a sterile zone
  9. Self-awareness and decontamination practices
  10. The minimum PPE requirement for front line employees
  11. Dangers to employees with existing diseases
  12. Implementing pedestrian and drive through choke points in the workplace to minimise the Risk
  13. Enforcement of decontamination procedures
  14. Decontamination of Vehicles in a designated open area
  15. Daily toolbox talks
  16. Crisis Management
  17. Onsite medical Intervention
  18. What is a Crisis Communication Plan?
  19. Crisis Communication Strategies
  20. Case Escalation
  21. Isolation and the Designated Isolation Area
  22. Social Media Response

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