What does an occupational medical include?

Depending on the type of industry you work in and depending on your company’s health surveillance program a medical can become quite complex.  Example: It could be a simple medical for a labourer on a construction site conducting general who is not exposed to any hazardous substances.

To a general construction worker required to work with hazardous substances which could require blood, urine and X-ray type screening for exposure of these hazardous substances. Medicals should be performed according to the specific job function the employee is undertaking. 

The medical should include an Audio test, Vision test and Spiro test (Lung function) and a full physical examination of the employee which includes a urine screen, Blood pressure and pulse rate.

However, testing can be more accurately done according to a medical surveillance program implemented by an Occupational Technologist, Hygienist or a Health and Safety Practitioner.

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