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Why Your Business Needs Up-To-Date Occupational Medicals

If you have been wondering why occupational medicals are important for your business, we’re here to tell you. Carrying out regular medical tests and surveillance at work is not just a wise thing to do because the Occupational Health and Safety Act legally requires employers to do so. While being compliant with the law is an important motivating factor, it’s not the only one. Other important reasons to ensure that your employees’ occupational medicals are up to date is to guarantee minimal downtime for your business and to protect the wellbeing of your staff. Your workforce is the beating heart of your business and without its health and strength, your business’s full potential will simply not be reached.

Medicals can come in many varieties and forms. Whether you need medical testing done on the move, fit-for-duty tests carried out, or even risk-based medical surveillance done, we can assist you. Medical testing and monitoring can be offered for pre-placement situations, as well as for exit situations and ongoing employment. The point is not to rid the workplace of those who are negatively impacted by the working environment; it is to ensure that employees are provided with the correct safety mechanisms to protect their health and to ensure ongoing, long-term employment with the business. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

When opting for occupational medicals to be carried out, they can be done at the providing company’s premises, or on-site at your own (which is often preferred in work environments where downtime can quickly have a detrimental effect on productivity). It’s best to choose a company that is recognised in your area, and that has the experience, specialised equipment and medical professionals available to carry out testing and monitoring, and to translate the information gathered professionally and accurately.

At FITMed24, we offer medical testing and surveillance services to companies operating in all industries. Our equipment, which is well maintained, is SABS approved and holds international accreditation, while also adhering to international standards with the relevant authorities. In order for your occupational medicals to be of value to your company, you need to have them carried out correctly, with the right equipment and the best, qualified professionals. At FITMed24, you are guaranteed of exactly that.

If you would like to learn more about the process involved in carrying out occupational medicals or would like to book one of our services with us, kindly contact us

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